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The Musicians are:
Pete Clark: Fiddles
Wendy Weatherby: Cello
Jim Leighton: Piano / Synth
Bob Turner: Piano / Synth
Gregor Lowrey: Accordion
Pete Caban: Guitar
Aaron Jones: Bouzouki / Fretless Bass Guitar
Dougie MacLean: Didgeridoo
Jamie MacLean: Fretless Bass Guitar
Pete presents twenty-two of his own tunes, plus several by Gow, Skinner and Marshall.
1. Lament For Andrew and Danny
2. Major Graham Of Inchbrakie
3. Mrs Irene Mathieson / The Lassie Wi' The Bonnie Red Hair
4. Maxine Moy Of Middleton
5. Farewell To The Piper
6. Neil MacVarish Of Bracara / Nigel Stewart's Return To Giffen
7. Mrs Major L Stewart Of The Island Of Java
8. Theresa MacVarish
9. Professor Blackie
10. Alec Barbour Of Bonskeid / Whoopers On The Water / Karen & Kevin of Coquitlam
11. The Weeping Birches Of Kilmorack
12. Thomson Island / The Lady Of Riemore
13. Bovaglie's Plaid
14. Voice On The Airwaves / Ian Charles Hodgson Of Balmore
15. The Editor's Hornpipe / Sandy And The Sandpiper
16. Kinnordy
17. The Slippery Slope / Wullies Whopper / Tam The Bam