Miss Dunbar Of Boath set by Bring In The Spirit.      More Info Here:

India by Bring In The Spirit.      More Info Here:

Waltz for Debby recorded by Gregor Lowrey, Campbell Normand, Roy Percy & Aldo Morrow.

Balandran recorded by Gregor Lowrey & Stevie Gillies on the album, 'The Game's A Bogey'.     More Info Here: 

Ball Of String written by Finlay Wells played by The Shoes. Recorded on the album 'The Game's A Bogey' by Gregor Lowrey & Stevie Gillies.     More Info Here:

Prime Time written by Gregor Lowrey, recorded by The Shoes.

Finlay Wells composition recorded by The Shoes.

Italian waltz, Zingerella wriiten by Joe Colombo, recorded with Clan Terra on the album Waiting For The Wickerman. Featuring the wonderful Barbara Rose.      More Info Here:

Reel Beatrice recorded in Alberta with Canadian Band, Clan Terra.      More Info Here:

The Cauldron written by Gregor Lowrey recorded with Cantychiels.      More Info Here:

Two tunes with Cantychiels. Fireman Sam by Gregor Lowrey and Chalet Fever by Rory Campbell.      More Info Here:

Two slow airs and a jig written by Gregor Lowrey followed by a reel 'The Bass Through The Window' written by Lionel McClelland and three more reels after that.      More Info Here:

A set of jigs recorded by Blackeyed Biddy on the 'High Spirits' album.      More Info Here:

Willie Brew'd A Peck O' Maut by Bring In The Spirit.      More Info Here:

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